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Precision Powder Coating will warrant the application of it's Powder Coating against de-bonding, cracking or peeling for 3 years (1 year at 100%, 2 year prorated over the 3 year period) from the date of completion. Damage caused by conditions not under our control such as rough handling, faulty manufacture, faulty maintenance, faulty installation or vandalism is not covered by this warranty.  The warranty shall apply to the application of new powder at our facility to the effected areas and shall not include reimbursement of consequential expenses such as disassembly / removal, transportation, or reassembly / re-installation costs.


Precision Powder Coating uses high grade powders from the leading US manufactures and every effort is made to match the powder type to the environment it will be in. That being said Precision Powder Coating cannot be held responsible for defects caused by the powder manufacturing process.

Metals such as Cast Iron, Zinc Coatings and Cast Aluminum contain trapped gases. When these metals are heated to cure the powder, gases can be discharged causing bubbles and pits in the powder. Every effort is made to control this by preheating and using powders designed for these types of materials but sometimes it cannot be controlled 100%. 



Do to the corrosive nature around salt water swimming pools the warranty is limited to 90 days. 

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